rebel oaks exotic animal sanctuary

A Home for Animals in need

   Our sanctuary started over 30 years ago. We began with wolfdogs. soon we were ask to take other animals who did not fit in with the usual dogs and cat  shelters. We had started out on 2 1/2 acres. but in 1993 we moved to 22 acers in Noble Oklahoma.  

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Who We Are

The Family 

     Our sanctuary is primarily run by our family . We have no paid employees. Our founder Paul Gourley is a disabled Vietnam Veteran. He has found that working with the animals is very comforting. His wife Janelle Gourley is an animal lover for life. She grew up adopting every stray dog cat or other animal that came her way. Their now grown twin children Christa and Christopher have helped with every thing from building large enclosures to lawn care and animal care.     

    Over the years many  volunteers have helped to build the sanctuary.  Especially one young man we feel is our adopted son Wallace Gates. We want to give our most seance. thinks to all our friends and helpers.     


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